Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who needs an umbrella?

Here is a spot near our place that has a great old oak tree standing alone in a field.  This day was very windy, so I was scouting on foot for a spot that had a natural wind block.  I brought along an 8x10 inch masonite panel but no umbrella because of the wind.

The oak tree

I was protected  from the wind by a row of trees to my left, but the sun would not stay in one place and soon I found myself rotating my easel to the left to keep the sun off the panel.  It was kind of funny in the end - I was facing a direction well away from my subject and later I moved the whole rig closer to the trees to stay in the shade.  I could have used the umbrella after all.

What happened to all that shade?

Below is the finished painting 

Quercia Solitaria, Toscana  o/panel  8x10in  - available at the Stage Door Gallery

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