Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Windy morning

Here is a view at the field's edge across from our place.  I thought the tire tracks in the now dry field made a great lead in to the scene.  

The view

The side light was strong and clear.  I had to use the umbrella this windy morning so I tied the whole painting rig to a bush.

Now I dare the wind to knock over my rig

By some miracle the sketch didn't take so long, and soon I was trying to hit the values and remember to relax and try to paint what was there.  This was a simple scene with many overlapping light and dark areas.  The light appeared to make diagonal stripes through the dense vegetation.  The olive colored plants are broom bushes that have intense yellow flowers later in Spring.

Coming along

In the photo above you can see that I didn't emphasis the diagonal light yet,  I need to do some touching up at home.   Maybe I will do it tomorrow because it is wild asparagus season and today is just too beautiful to not hunt for the new growth --- Monica has just arrived and she already has a few in her hand.

Solchi sul Prato  oil/panel  8x10in  -  available at the Stage Door Gallery

Wild Asparagus

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