Friday, January 3, 2014

Painting small on a big hill

Here is a view of a great valley that is always a pleasure to walk to.  I was drawn by the large Oak tree that dominates this part of the hill.  It was a warm and windless day - a perfect morning for painting.

This is a simple subject, should be easy...I just have to remember everything.  Small doesn't mean easy, I had a struggle with the value of the far hill, and I had to remind myself not use too much cad yellow in the foreground grass.

Getting the masonite covered

I made some changes on the front porch the next day,  I enjoy re-touching outdoors with indirect sunlight.  Also easier to breath. If I could just keep the neighborhood cats from walking on my palette - hey! don't lick the Burnt Sienna.

Tre Querce, Toscana  oil/panel  8x10in -  available at the Stage Door Gallery

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