Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Morning Light

There is a big gap between when I paint and when I post -  this painting was done in July and it is already November.  I blame it on the fact that I like to photograph the painting after I get a couple of coats of retouch varnish on it, and for that the painting has to be quite dry.  Well that is my excuse anyway.  So, lets try to remember.... July - hot, buggy, the sun always too high in the sky.

Morning light

I had to use the umbrella to keep the sun off me and the canvas, and then a large rock in the easel to keep the whole thing from blowing over.  Usually I am facing the sun, but not today.

The reverse angle of my set-up

Getting started

This was a great place to paint as there were varied flat and vertical planes, and many levels of distant hills, each getting lighter and more cool.  It appeared to me that the dry grass fields became more and more pink with the distance.

Getting there, the watch is to remind me not to be late for lunch

Rotoballe al Mattino  o/c  40x50cm  -    Available at the Stage Door Gallery

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