Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dry fields of summer

June is the time for cutting the hay in the Maremma region of Tuscany.  The fields change color after being cut, appearing  quite dry a few days later.  I was attracted to this view from an overlook near our place - by the contrast of the dark green Oak tree branch against the hazy light colors of the background fields and mountains.  Below is a photo of the location.

Summer heating up

I was thinking, can I get an interesting composition with just a branch sticking in the side of the painting?  With a bit of simplifying I came up with the small painting below.  I tried to put down the values as I saw them late in the afternoon.  The super dark branch worked out, and I remembered to leave some bright underpainting spots to add sparkle.  Some days later the hay baling tractor arrived -  and I have been busy ever since.  There are round hay bales everywhere,  too many to paint and also little biting gnats...

Campi di Giugno  oil/panel 8x10in  -  Available at the Stage Door Gallery

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